Who are the real responsibles for these horrible killings at Ambohitsirohitra?

Pro TGV condemn Marc Ravalomanana and his current gov. They said that Ravalomanana must have ordered the presidential palace guards to open the fire. The protesters only wanted to take back the CUA’s property – The Presidential Palace of Ambohitsirohitra – and they came up there without any weapons. The presidential guards, for these pro TGV, had no right to kill those poor people. (28 died from the shootings and more than 200 were injured)

For Ravalomanana’s side, this situation was a self defense. People who “wanted to attack” the Palace exactely knew that they were penetrating a red zone. For the pro Ravalomanana, the unique responsibles are the leaders of this TGV protest (Andry Rajoelina, Monja Roindefo, General Dolin) who incitated people to go to Ambohitsirohitra.

Another case is possible, maybe it is the fault of the citizens who were just stupidly following politicians and were trapped, those poor citizens who knew nothing about law nor red zones rules.

This poll may help us to get a better idea of who are the real responsibles of the shootings at Ambohitsirohitra.