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I recently made a little survey about the Constitutional referendum of 11/17 in Madagascar. I was not sure if I would write something about it since only 15 people replied to the online survey (which is now closed) and 16 other people on paper. Well, I finally decided to share the result in this post because I value everyone’s opinion.

The first question was: Are you going to vote?

25.8% said YES; 64.5% said NO and 9.7% said they did not know yet at the moment of the survey.

YES, they wanted to vote because it is their right and their duty to do so. So that they would be able to express their voice. One person said that they did not really want to vote but they heard that there would be a sanction for those who would not come.

For the NO side, the reason can be divided into 3 groups. The first group said that they would not have time for this, they would not be able to do this (because they live abroad), they were not interested in it, or they did not feel concerned, they did not understand the reason of this referendum, it was just nonsense. The second group is people who believed that this referendum was a way to legalize the current regime, and the YES is anyway sure to win. The third group is convinced that the current situation of Madagascar, the political crisis and the social problems are not convenient for an election now and would not bring proper solutions to all the issues. 

The second questions were: Would you vote for the Constitutional referendum? Why?

Unfortunately, the only one person who said would vote for the Constitutional referendum did not give more detail about their choice.

Some of the people who said no for the first question still answered this second one restating the same reasons they had mentioned above. Some were against the Constitutional referendum because they were not for Andry Rajoelina’s regime, the HAT government. Some others did not believe in better changes for Madagascar in this new Constitution, some even added that it would just be for the benefit of Andry Rajoelina and it would bring too much power to the existing executive administration. Other people did not agree with some new texts of laws proposed in this Constitution.

Two people said they would make a blank vote because they did not really know what to choose, what this Constitution was about and that they would not want to regret if they would have made the wrong choice.

The third question was: What would you like to say more about this Constitutional referendum?

We received 7 responses to this last question.

1. Citizens should be aware of what the referendum is really about. I wish that they dedicate more budget on information campaigns than propaganda. Would there be transparency and honesty?

2. Those who will not go voting are coward people.

3. This referendum is a waste of time and money.

4. (abusive message)

5. For me it is just for the form but there is no concrete thing in it.

6. I wish that the referendum would be a complete failure.

7. This election will bring positive things.


For the D-day of the Constitutional referendum, the polling stations were calm according to the pics shared by Jentilisa. But on the meantime, we had a controversial news about some rebellious militaries  who did a coup attempt reported by Dadandry in the Cyber Observer.

I’m a big fan of Mahaleo like most of Malagasy people – all generations – are 🙂

It is always exciting to wait for the next show of this great Malagasy band. I remember last time I attended their show , three years ago, I just had had an accident and my knee still hurt me but this couldn’t stop me. I guess I’ve started to love this band cuz of my father who had a lot of cassettes of them. Also, with friends we are used to sing their songs around a fire with a guitar,  kebabs and beer 🙂

Will I attend their next show??? (Cuz they’re going to have one this May 9).  Early on Tuesday, my brother went at Super Music to buy tickets but all tickets were sold already. Then, a guy wanted to sell him some at 15,000 Ariary (when it should be 6,000 Ariary). While waiting for a bus this evening, my friend and I just wanted to check and then asked for Mahaleo’s concert tickets. Same result: no tickets and two guys outside telling that they have for 15,000 Ariary!!! And I tell you they had a lot!!!

Will I attend next Mahaleo’s show??? I know I really love this band. I know I really wanna go. But I know I don’t wanna give money to these profiteer people. If I have money to give, it’s gonna be for Mahaleo not for these dishonest guys.

I’m wondering if the organizers are aware of this or if they just don’t care!!! I sincerely hope that they are working on this problem so we’ll be able to enjoy the one on May 13.

“Tiana ve?” A song that my brother and I are used to sing 🙂

I’m so sorry for the delay. I’ve been so busy lately. In fact, a new year has started on March 16 for Malagasy people.

I have to admit that I don’t know much about Malagasy culture. And thanks to blogging, I’m interested in knowing more about Malagasy culture and customs now.

Youngsters are fascinated to the ‘new culture’ that western countries are bringing. But this is not the only reason. Also, we lack books and documentation about our own history, culture and traditions. And the school programs don’t deal much on them.

When I wished ‘Happy New Year’ to my peers, they thought I was crazy. Some knew about the celebration in Andohalo or in Ambohimanga but they were not willing to attend them.

As I knew nothing about how Malagasy people celebrate the New year’s eve ‘traditionnally’, some friends and I went up in Andohalo. The pics below will show you more what we have lived up there.

The ceremony started at 8 p.m. with a short ‘kabary’ (speech). Then, the organizers lit the fire which is called ‘Afo tsy maty’ cuz the fire won’t go out till the morning. A guy lit a candle from the fire and shared it to one of the young guys who were lined up in a big ‘fanorona’ (Malagasy chess). Turn by turn they went and lit the candles on the fanorona. When all the candles were lit, all these young people went and lit the candles of the ‘arendrina’ (lanterns) that the public had brought.  This “fire  sharing’ is called ‘mizara hafanana’ (sharing heat) or “mizara hazavana’ (sharing light). (I wish I brought my lantern 😦 )

The kids with their lanterns were invited to make a big line and follow a troup of youngsters to make a tour of the neighborhood. Wow, it was so nice to see happiness in these kids face. It was nicer to see all the lanterns shining the dark night.

‘Angano’ (tales) and games were prepared for all these kids as well. Mmmh the tale of ‘I Faramalemy sy i Kotobekibo’ made me remember my childhood. Then, it was time for everyone kids and adults to dance and to clap during the different shows of ‘Hira gasy’, ‘Vakodrazana’ (typicall Malagasy song and rythm). It had rained but none cared. They kept on appreciating the ceremony. Yet some of the organizers managed to keep the fire on 🙂

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long cuz we would have to work the next day which is a very sad thing for me. Why do we work on such day? I hope that in future, the government will work on it and all Malagasy people will celebrate it together as it should be.

The ceremony was organized by Mamelomaso and Ortana.

This link may interest you, texts in French talking about Malagasy calendar.  – Le Calendrier malgache -ASARAMANITRA – NOUVEL AN MALGACHE

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