My name is ariniaina. I am Malagasy. I live in Antananarivo (Tana), the Capital City of Madagascar.

When I was younger, I already loved writing . I started to write stories and poems when I was 15. Later, I have dreamt of becoming a reporter and a professional photograph.

Since I studied and started to work in a very different field, I was about to forget this dream. Fortunately, now that we have internet, I could create this blog. I thank all the people who encouraged me for  the release of this project: FOKO, Tahina, Andry, ICE Club

DagoTiako is the name of this blog. Dago is a nickname given to Madagascar (especially used by Malagasy people living abroad) and Tiako means “I love”.

Here, I would like to talk about Madagascar. I may talk more about what is going on in Tana (as I live there). I will talk about our social life, culture, people, neighborhoods… and for sure – my favourite topic – the Streets of Tana.

As ariniaina was born with poems, I will also try to share them in “Le monde en vers”. The poems will be in French and will talk about love in all its aspect and you will also find out more about life, culture, …

I hope that you will enjoy your visit here. Meanwhile, I would really love to have your opinion and  your comments are welcome. Thanks!