On thursday, during the meeting at Place du Mai, the Priminister of the transition led by Andry Rajoelina appointed 4 other ministers:

-Foreign Minister: Ny Hasina Andriamanjato;

-Minister of Trade: Rakotonirina Jean Claude;

-Minister of Justice: Razanamahasoa Christine;

-Minister of Environment and Waters and Forests: Rakotovao Marie Jean Florent.

As I wrote in a previous post (Monja Roindefo appointed 4 ministers), the gov will be complete and will start to work on Monday (Feb 16, 2009).

During this meeting of Thursday as well, Andry Rajoelina said to his followers that: “When Mr. Joyandet discussed with me, he called me “Mr President”, and Mr. Roindefo Monja “Priminister””. Andry Rajoelina proudly announced that the representative of the United Nations came to see him before leaving where this UN Representative said that Madagascar was fortunate to have a young patriot like him.

Talking about this meeting of pro TGV on thursday, even on Radio VIVA, the speeches were around the guilt of the singers who animated the meeting of pro Ravalomanana the day before (Feb 11, 2009). According to the pro TGV, those singers who agreed to sing during this meeting at Mahamasina mean that they agree the massacre on February 7, 2009 at Ambohitsirohitra. A journalist on Radio VIVA explained that Tiako i Madagasikara (pro Ravalomanana Team) should have waited at least 2 or 3 weeks after these shootings at Ambohitsirohitra before having “fun” with singers like Baba, Samoela, Hery Puissance and Jerry Marcos. Those singers explained that they are not involved in politics but only do their work: singing.

A little comment: I felt estonished when today, at the Place du 13 Mai, the pro TGV organizers plaid rhythmic songs to animate the people who still join this strike. I thought, they should have waited at leat 2 or 3 weeks because of the national mourning.

Singers were not the only people who received comment from pro TGV.  Some other use the term “threat”. Andry Rajoelina and his journalists condemned all banks, offices and schools which still open on Wednesday (Feb 11, 2009) – this former Mayor ordered as Dead City day – as companies who accept the violence and killings of Ambohitsirohitra. Is that their real “democracy”?