Monday, February 16, 2009 is the rendez vous promised by the TGV leaders to take all ministries in Antananarivo and to install the transition gov ministers. This project did not succeed.

The “usual” meeting of pro TGV started at 10.00 a.m. at the Place du 13 mai with a prayer,  speeches of different leaders (Monja Roindefo and “his” ministers, and obviously Andry Rajoelina). Two new ministers were appointed: the Minister of National Defense  – General RAONENANTSOAMAMPIANINA, and the Minister of Tourism  – RAHARIZATOVO GILBERT.

At 1.00 p.m, the TGV leaders gave instructions to their 10,000 followers. These instuctions concerned the way they  were going to proceed to take the ministries (despite the ultimatum given by the gov yesterday explaining that Ministries are Red Zones). Those leaders were supposed to enter the ministries while the protesters wait outside. Since, the force army was everywhere surrounding the ministries and since those ministries were empty, the TGV leaders invited their followers to go back to the Place du 13 Mai.

Shortly before the risk of overflowing, Andry Rajoelina had publicly asked the crowd not to try to go to the ministries, but the crowd was  angry and refused their leader’s instruction.

The TGV leaders, after trying to calm down their followers without success, finally left the Place du 13 Mai. At Andohan’Analakely, those “angry” protesters threw stones at the force army there. This overflowing explains why the force army had no more choice than firing in the air and exploiding tear bomb to disperse the crowd.