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I love the sound of the guitar. That is why Mahaleo is one of my favourite bands. My brother and I are used to sing together. He plays the guitar and I sing. “Tiana ve” is the song we always perform because we really love it. How not to feel sad when I heard the news ? The great singer – composer of “our” song passed away. I feel like I have lost a close friend, a relative, a big brother. Raoul – Raosolosolofo Razafindranoa – of the Mahaleo band “left us for a while” (lasa vetivety) on September 3, 2010. Thousands of fans are sad hearing the news. Our consolation is we know that we will have his lovely songs remain: “Miodinkodina letsy “, “Hiaraka isika”, “Somambisamby”,”Pôlitika”, “Asio siramamy”, “Sao dia ataon’ialahy”… We will have him in our hearts until we meet again. RIP Raoul and thank you.

I’m a big fan of Mahaleo like most of Malagasy people – all generations – are 🙂

It is always exciting to wait for the next show of this great Malagasy band. I remember last time I attended their show , three years ago, I just had had an accident and my knee still hurt me but this couldn’t stop me. I guess I’ve started to love this band cuz of my father who had a lot of cassettes of them. Also, with friends we are used to sing their songs around a fire with a guitar,  kebabs and beer 🙂

Will I attend their next show??? (Cuz they’re going to have one this May 9).  Early on Tuesday, my brother went at Super Music to buy tickets but all tickets were sold already. Then, a guy wanted to sell him some at 15,000 Ariary (when it should be 6,000 Ariary). While waiting for a bus this evening, my friend and I just wanted to check and then asked for Mahaleo’s concert tickets. Same result: no tickets and two guys outside telling that they have for 15,000 Ariary!!! And I tell you they had a lot!!!

Will I attend next Mahaleo’s show??? I know I really love this band. I know I really wanna go. But I know I don’t wanna give money to these profiteer people. If I have money to give, it’s gonna be for Mahaleo not for these dishonest guys.

I’m wondering if the organizers are aware of this or if they just don’t care!!! I sincerely hope that they are working on this problem so we’ll be able to enjoy the one on May 13.

“Tiana ve?” A song that my brother and I are used to sing 🙂

Since the beginning of this month,  I saw from a brochure of Alliance Française d’Antananarivo (AFT) that they would schedule a free concert of Vilon’Androy on July 17th. I already wanted to attend this show.

Friday evening, I invited my friends to come with me to the Vilon’Androy concert. Dago Mc was not convinced to enjoy this plan at the beginning but finally we all loved the whole show. Tahina,  DagoMC and I even took part in dancing the Southern part of Madagascar rythms. I loved it so much.  Andry didn’t dance, I guess that was because he didn’t know the moves 😀 but he took some pics. I have taken a few pics and set a video for you to be convinced as well that the Vilon’Androy is a great musical band.

The concert shared not only a Malagasy musical show but also culture of the South of Madagascar: hairstyle, dress, jewelleries, musical instruments… And one more time, I loved it.

When we started to get the moves, the lead-singer announced that it was time to end the show so we all shouted “NOOOOOOO” and so the band kept on performing again and again. Finally, as it started to be late at night, the concert came to its end. The Vilon’Androy has just released a new album “Pelake”and brought some CDs. Fans were so happy to buy some. My friends and I took the opportunity to get on the stage and take some pics with the band. That would remain a wondeful souvenir.

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