Today, the President Marc Ravalomanana’s followers of Antananarivo gathered at the stadium of Mahamasina.They were more than 40,000  to reply for the invitation to this first pro-government demonstration since Andry Rajoelina protests.

The gate was open at 11.00 a.m.

This meeting at Mahamasina was the initiative of the Tiako i Madagasikara or TIM which is the President’s team.

The meeting started with a worship service at 01.00 p.m.

The Priminister Charles Rabemananjara and all the ministers of the current government were present.

The goal of this meeting was to show that the majority of the population, who were silent till today, are against “anarchy”.

When I passed by Mahamasina at 1.50p.m., it rained on Tana but people still stayed there showing that they are fully supporting the President.

I could hear those thousands and thousands  people shouting: “Arrest TGV… Arrest TGV”

Enjoy the pics