The Crazy Team

The Crazy Team

My friends and I (I’m used to call us “Crazy Team”) went to a Karaoke party on saturday. And as usual, we really had FUN (‘cuz this is the reason why we go to such place; right?). We joked (between us), we made gestures while singing, we didn’t care if we were “occasionnaly” out of tune, we chose music that rocks (of Evanescence, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Queen, System of the Down, our favourite one’s Mika…) … And a girl just in front of us (we’ll have to admit that had a good voice) was really upset ‘cuz she couldn’t understand the happy faces we had, the laughs we could make, the pokes, the hugs… She was trying her best to copy on Bodo, Whitney Houston, Poopy and all those famous stars with angel’s voice and she was so great… though  SHE WAS NOT HAPPY… everyone could see it on her face that SHE DIDN’T HAVE FUN like we did 🙂 .  And then, I told my friend that I have to write something about this (and here we are 🙂  )

1 THB, 2 Fresh and 1 Eau viveThis girl wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand our excitement and most of them thought we could be drunk with 1 bottle of THB, 2 Fresh and 1 Eau Vive. (Were we? LOOOL) This is absolutely wrong. We’re the kind of people who believe that alcohol is not the special ingredient for having FUN. I’m not really good at maths but, for us,

FUN = happiness, jokes, pokes, hugs, smiles, laughs, “seriousless”

(I created this word 🙂 )