Saturday morning, r1lita and dadandry informed me about a bloggers meeting, “Tanà miblaogy”, which would be held on the afternoon. We, DagoMc, Moonlightgirl and I,  decided to go there with the guys.

Phi Quest CaféSo, at 4.00 p.m., the five of us arrived at Phi Quest in Antaninandro. While waiting for the others to come, we ordered some tea and coffee.

In fact, this “Tanà miblaogy” was the 5th edition but was the first one my friends and I attended. My first impression was good cuz we had a very nice talk.

Some faces were new for me: Tattum, Tony Rakoto and Elsifaka. Nice to meet you guys. I’ve already met and had co-worked with Saveoursmile (or Madafan). Barijaona was a “little bit late” 🙂 .

Here are some bloggers

Such meeting is always great cuz, first, it is an occasion to see face of nicknames we are used to talk to on the net; then, I really appreciated the exchanges of experience, opinion, idea and, the most important, the FUN.

DagoMc and I were interested in Tony Rakoto and Elsifaka’s work which deals with informing all nice parties to go to in Tana (and in Fianarantsoa) on Tananalife. We also joked around with Princess Dadandry 🙂 [I did it]

Huh… my last comment: you are not mistaken, yes, on the pic, it’s Sponjy Bob… our mascot LOOOOL

on Tana miblaogy meeting

Fun, friendship, discussion… but bloggers tools are always present

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