to Antaninarenina

to Antaninarenina

As I posted earlier, Andry Rajoelina offered the Presidential Palace of Ambohitsirohitra which is the Commune Urbaine d’Antananarivo’s property then the population of Madagascar’s to his new Priminister. So Monja Roindefo, the Priminister  named by Andry Rajoelina, asked the strikers when they will take the Palace back. As they shouted “Izao dia izao” “Now… now… now…”, Monja Roindefo followed the population to Ambohitsirohitra.

Force Army surrounding the Palace

Force Army surrounding the Palace

At 2.00 p.m, the strikers arrived at Ambohitsirohitra and stayed outside the Palace which has been protected by the armed presidential guards. A truck full of gendarmes went around the area. Militaries were blocking the access to the Palace.

The angry trikers penetrated the “Red Zone” despite the invitation of the police to leave the place. The force army shot.  There were dead and injured people. Until now 20 death and 300 injuries are registered. The strikers panicked and tried to escape far from the fusillade.

_45454763_madaafp226body(pic from BBC news / AFRICA)

Well, not all strikers went away. There were people who kept on achieving the goal: penetrating the Palace of Ambohitsirohitra. The shootings continued.

The Radio and TV VIVA invited everyone who had a car to go to Ambohitsirohitra and help the injured people to the hospital.

All students from 7th and 8th year of medicine studies were also invited to join the hospital HJRA to help.

There were rumors saying that there were hostages kept inside the Hotel du Louvre. This rumor had been denied by the owners of the Hotel .

The President Marc Ravalomanana was  on TVM. Ravalomanana asked the police to restore peace.  He declared that he is so sad for what happened and for the deaths. He also asked for the collaboration of the people.

The President Marc Ravalomanana criticized Andry Rajoelina who incitated people to go and to penetrate the  Palace of Ambohitsirohitra which is the President’s current residence.

Andry Rajoelina also made a phone call on Radio and TV VIVA accusing Ravalomanana as a criminal since the protesters were not armed. Andry Rajoelina promised his followers that the protest will keep on and must win.