It has rained for 4 days now. There are two cyclones of 80km/hour surround the Island.

Yesterday, the first one was in the Indian Ocean, at 80km of Ste Marie. And the second one, in the Canal de Mozambique, at 200km in the North-West of Morombe. No names had been given to those meteors since they are not strong winds, explained scientists.

Those two winds came with rain. Yes, it has rained in all regions of the Island. And the weather forecast announced that it will still rain during few more days. (Do not forget your raincoat, always better than umbrella which goes with the wind).

Even though those meteors are not strong, warnings on the following regions:  SAV, Analanjirofo, Melaky, Menabe, the Southwest of Madagascar. Fishing in the ocean is not advised.

The region of Toamasina has taken precautions. For 2 days (today and tomorrow), all offices and schools will be closed.

Updated on Tuesday, January, 20th, 2009

As the weather forecast said, it still rain on Tana and the other regions of Madagascar.

Finally, we got the names of the two meteors: Eric (from the East) and Fanele (from the Southwest).

Results: flood in Mandritsara with 244 victims; lampposts, trees fell; roofs went with the wind. Thanks God, no death had been registered until now.

Eric came  in Madagascar through Fénérive Est at 8.oo a.m.  and left at 2.oo p.m at Brickaville.

Fanele is still in the Ocean at 250km from Morombe. It gets close to the Island and will probably touch the West cost tomorrow.

Updated on Thursday, January, 22nd, 2009

Fanele went out of Madagascar today at 2.00 a.m.

It is so great to have sunshine again on Tana.

Yesterday, a friend of mine called her brother who lives in Morondava. This brother told her the effects of the cyclone there.

There are flood in Morondava. Water entered their house so they had to put all valuable and perishable things  up (on tables, sofas…). Offices and shools  were all closed. The few shops which dared to open doubled the price of everything (rice, candles, salt, sugar, matches, oil, …). Electricity and water of JIRAMA were cut. Trees were cut and roofs were on the streets. The high school of Morondava and the Alliance Française were destroyed by this strong wind and heavy rain.

The BNGRC (Bureau National des Risques et catastrophes) announced  1 death, 27 injured, 992 homeless in Morondava due to this cyclone “Fanele”.