(from ClimateWatch Madagascar)

A new  tropical tempest, Gaël,  intensifies and goes up progressively to Malagasy coasts.

Technicians from the service of meteorology from Ampasapito declared that, according to the estimates , Gaël may not touch the land of Madagascar. However, it would follow the Southeast coast of Madagascar towards the end of the week. And, the cloudy masses which comes with this cyclone will cause violent winds and heavy rainfall on the country.

Gaël was located in 1 100 km in the Northeast of Toamasina. This meteor follows the West cape in 20 km / h. It draws away winds  that can attain the 100 km / h in gusts. The weather forecasts say that Gaël will affect the weather on the Island from Friday until at least in Monday. (It seems like we will have a tough week-end 😦 )

This new cyclone is stronger than Fanele. Morondava was 80% destroyed by Fanele. What Gaël may cause? Nevertheless, the population are now aware of plan of security to follow during times of cyclone through ads on TV and on radio.