I love the sound of the guitar. That is why Mahaleo is one of my favourite bands. My brother and I are used to sing together. He plays the guitar and I sing. “Tiana ve” is the song we always perform because we really love it. How not to feel sad when I heard the news ? The great singer – composer of “our” song passed away. I feel like I have lost a close friend, a relative, a big brother. Raoul – Raosolosolofo Razafindranoa – of the Mahaleo band “left us for a while” (lasa vetivety) on September 3, 2010. Thousands of fans are sad hearing the news. Our consolation is we know that we will have his lovely songs remain: “Miodinkodina letsy “, “Hiaraka isika”, “Somambisamby”,”Pôlitika”, “Asio siramamy”, “Sao dia ataon’ialahy”… We will have him in our hearts until we meet again. RIP Raoul and thank you.