The title of this post is inspired from a book I used to read when I was a kid. Well, in this book we could see some pics taken in African countries showing the “misuse” of French language. “Docteur de chaussures malades” is an example of this. But finally, “shoemaker” won’t really help so I’ll keep on borrowing this – a lil funny – title 🙂

With shoemaker you may think of a man who makes shoes… Here, he doesn’t make them… He repairs them!

New shoes are expensive for many families nowadays so other options are offered to them: either they buy second hand shoes or they will try to keep their “old” shoes as long as possible by bringing them once, twice, or even more to  our “Sick shoes doctor” 🙂 like Ra-Noré on the pic above. For 7 years now, he has worked on  a corner of the streets in my neighborhood. See, he was even repairing a boot when I stopped by.