Kindly tagged by Lova Rakotomalala, I don’t want to break the chain. So the first three posts?!… Let’s check them 😀 … And… this is what we  have:

  • From Dago at the place of the common Hello World. Not inspired at all . Shame… Joan, coatching the “creating blog workshop” at Tecknet was kind of disappointed. She said we were too slow 😀
  • No old and uggly banknotes anymore … Yesterday, during a radio show entitled “Trano Gasy” on RDB – a local radio broadcast – in which the audience can share news, opinions… a lady called on air and then talked about the poor condition of our Malagasy banknotes which reflects poverty. She is the kind of person who gently ranges the bills in a wallet and then becomes mad when the groccers or the conductors folds them in their pocket. The radio host added that in the coast regions, people won’t accept a dirty or torn note. I smiled cuz this was the main message in this post.
  • “Mampiada-maso” TV aerial … a Made in Madagascar TV aerial… Compared to any other  antennas, I tell you, this one is cheap but and good 🙂

These first three posts was published on September 21, 2008. I have to admit that they were written a while before this date and were published in a local newspaper in a special English page named English Corner produced by ICE Club. I told you I’ve always loved writing 😀

My turn to pass on the baton to other 3 Malagasy bloggers. Moonlightirl, Lay Andriamialy and Stéfane would you tell us about your first three posts please?