My Grandmother [my Mom’s mother] did not work at all, in her life. I mean, she did not earn money. She told me women stayed home. The traditional belief says that the husband makes money and the wife takes care of the house and the kids. So, only men worked.

My Grandmother explained that life was easier and cheaper at that time. Women did not need to earn money. Men could afford all the needs of the family (with 7 sons and 7 daughters 🙂 ).

My Grandpa [my Dad’s father] was among the richest men in his village. So, in order to respect the tradition, as all women did at that time, his wife (my Grandma [my Dad’s mother]) did not have any job. But my Grandpa died and left a widow with 8 children. Some months after my Grandpa’s death, my Dad’s family ran out of money. My Grandma was not prepared to search for money in her life and did not know what to do. She had to feed her children and send them to school. Consequently, she became a couturier. She did not earn as much as her husband, for sure, but she could bring up her children and can be proud of them now.

My Mom is a teacher. She has worked ever since she was young. She said that life had become more difficult and expensive. It was not an obligation yet but it was advised for the family. Because the money the husband brought home was just enough for the family to survive. But if the wife could work, the family could save money in order to pay a doctor and for medecines when needed, or to buy a fridge for example-or why not to buy ahouse for themselves.

Women started to work but most jobs were only for men such as being a doctor or a pilot or a taxi/bus driver… Women could be, for example, a teacher (like my lovely Mom 🙂 ) or a hairdresser or a secretary…

Nowadays, things have really changed. Women go to school and get diplomas. They go to work. And there are no specific jobs for men anymore. Women can study and become doctors, pilots, or anything they want to be. I am among those women who work.

Women work for more reasons other than to survive the high cost of life. The culture has changed (we are in the 21st century now). All the women work; so do I. Also, since tradition and culture had changed, and women work just like men do, and women share the expenses of the family with the men, then men should be able to help the women to do the duties at home. (So the man who would marry me better be prepared to do just so 🙂 )

Women face other difficulties as well. There are some companies which ill-treat women or do not recruit women even if they meet the requirements to do the job. This is just because of the fact that women can be pregnant and give birth so the companies think they will not be efficient while being pregnant. And once pregnant, they will get the maternity leave (about 14 weeks) so the companies will have to find someone else to replace them during their absence, and still after that they will have to stay at home and take care of their babies when they fall sick.

Although – I am sorry men – I think women are better than men at work. Women are more serious and more careful. But most of the time, women panic and get emotional when they face problems.

I am a woman and I work. I will get married, will take care of my home and will have kids (2 🙂 ). I take my life as a big challenge. People who lived before my Grandparents did not even need to work, both men and women. They just went in the forest and picked all the fruits they could eat. It seems like life is getting harder. But when it will be my turn to talk about my life to my children and my grandchildren, I want them to hear a nice story. That is why I try to take my life easy and enjoy it. 🙂