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Two weeks ago, I’ve been called by a friend telling that he had withdrawed money from an ATM and then noticed that the banknotes were different than usual. He explained that it  wasn’t the Governor’s signature and there was no transcription into Malagasy Francs (MGF) on the banknotes.

Alerted by some today’s tweets, I think I should share the little thing I know about it for now.

to mavana

nouveaux billets 10’000 Ar ne portent pas de signature du gouverneur Banque à #Madagascar src [New 10,000 Ar banknotes do not bear the governor’s signature]


So what’s the deal behind those non-complying to central bank MGA money specimen that circulate in #madagascar ?

to mavana

@solofo vola baoritra tena vola.. satria ny fanjakana no mamoaka azy.. sa ahoana? [real or fake banknotes… since it is the Sate which issues them?]

The pic above shows what my friend tried to tell me on the phone. Wanting to know more about it,  I went on the Central Bank of Madagascar’s site and this is what I’ve discovered.

To start with I know nothing about the banknotes without signature. I haven’t seen such banknote yet.

About the signature (see blue arrows on pic above), the one on top is Gaston Ravelojaona‘s signature, the former Governor. The second signature is Frédéric Rasamoely‘s, the current Governor. See Central Bank of Madagascar‘s official announcement related to this.

La Banque Centrale de Madagascar porte à la connaissance du public que des coupures de Ar 2000, portant la signature du Gouverneur RASAMOELY Frédéric, ont été mises en circulation depuis le début du mois d’Octobre 2007. [The Central Bank of Madagascar announces to the public that  Ar 2,000 banknotes bearing the signature of the Governor RASAMOELY Frédéric , have been  issued since the beginning of October 2007]

La Banque Centrale précise que les autres billets portant la signature du Gouverneur RASAMOELY Frédéric seront également mis en circulation au cours des prochains mois. [The Central Bank of Madagascar specifies that the other banknotes bearing the signature of the Governor RASAMOELY Frédéric will also be issued for the next months]

I think that the current banknotes are not fake but the Central Bank of Madagascar has failed to make an official annoucement concerning the change (no transcription into Malagasy Francs – see red arrows on pic above), – I’m wondering why??? though it is a very “big mistake”. I hope they will have it fixed soon. Due to the political turmoil, this situation has created a lot of rumors and psychosis. For now, see  the applicable banknotes on Central Bank of Madagascar’s site.

I am not good at Basket Ball and I’m not sure I know much about the game, the rules, the techniques and stuff. My friend Tahina who’s found of this game has already talked about this championship and some good Malagasy performers. Though I was there.

I was there watching the Malagasy performers… yelling to death when they scored… missing some mistakes 😀 but I was there like these other Malagasy people queuing at the gate for supporting our team.

Malagasy people are not really used to go out on workdays. And it was quite amazing to see the crowd lining up at the entrance gate of Palais des Sports Mahamasina to watch the game at 6.00 on a Tuesday evening.

queuing at the gate of Palais de Sports Mahamasina

What Diana and I could hear touched our heart. In fact, we were going to follow the match between Senegal and Madagascar. Everyone already knew the performance of this Vice-champion of Africa team. –  and  the winner for this Afrobasket Women 2009.  Everyone already  anticipated our failure. Though the stadium was amazingly full that evening and this dynamic public was there to encourage the Malagasy team, an attitude I feel proud of.

One day, Tahina and I suggested “Climate change” as a discussion topic for our English Club. We were so astonished (or shouldn’t we???) that all the members felt reluctant. So we could guess that they were not interested in the topic. I believe that many other people around the world behave like these members  when it is to talk about “Climate change”.

I have registered to this Blog Action Day (BAD) because first of all, I feel concerned about it, and also it is so great to see the numerous blogs which are taking part in posting articles about “Climate change” – BAD’s topic of this year. This makes me feel NOT ALONE.

smoking truckSince this morning, I have deeply thought about what I will post this evening. And on my way home, I saw this big truck which smokes. I took out my camera and came nearer the driver and asked if I could take a pic. The big guy hesitated as I explained that it was for my blog. He could guess that I will talk about environment so he said “Make  sure you don’t put my face and the plate number on it.” So I took the pic and showed it to him. Then I asked a “silly” question: Why he didn’t want to appear on the pic. He laughed and said: “I know that this smoke is bad but this truck is my money resources so I have to do with it… Anyway, I’m not the only one [shy smile]”

using charcoal to cookI leaved that guy because I started to cough with the smoke. I went home and I have noticed that my neighbour was using charcoal. And bingo! Here is our topic. Most of Malagasy homes  (I am tempted to say 90%) use charcoal. Why? Because this is cheaper and you can buy it at any time in small quantity. Though if you use gas you have to pay for the whole bottle right away which is quite expensive for most homes. Don’t even think of electricity! But where does the charcoal come from? Peasants in countrysides cut trees of forests to make the charcoal. Though none of them thought about re-planting trees. They prefer to move on to the nearby forests and so on. We, who are aware of the environmental issues, know exactly the impacts of such act: no rain, disapperance of endemic fauna and flora, heat, erosion…

I think that the main problem here in Madagascar is that people are so busy to search for what they are going to eat today. We then become selfish and just think of ourselves.  We forget our neighbours and our future generation.

One day, I was intrigued by a quote from a movie about our today’s topic (I don’t remeber the title): “Why have we waited until it is too late to save our planet?”. Yet, many believe that they still have time to think about the problems of climate change tomorrow or even laterer. People seem not aware at all even though, here in Madagascar, we should now be in hot and rainy season. I remember, when I was a kid, in October like this, it rained almost every day… but this october 2009, till today, we only had 5 or 6 rainy days. Some may feel happy because they won’t need to buy and bring umbrella; peasants are not because of their farming.

I hope that the Bloggers’Action of today will wake up millions… billions of people… governments… poor countries… rich countries… and then, we will altogether rescue the Earth. What I can and already do now is planting my own trees.

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