When Ambondrona band started out, one of my cousin said she did not like their songs because they only copy on Scorpion but as we all liked the band, she changed her mind and finally loved them.

At my office, one of my colleague invited us to a karaoke party and everybody was in. Finally, on the D Day, only a few people came. Still at the party, a guy from our team who usually drinks beer could not refuse an invitation to have whisky.

I was used to be dressed like men (with large pants and T-shirt) and all my relatives and friends wanted me to be a real girl by having long hair and wearing clothes for girls. I did not like the idea but as they all insisted, I finally gave up and follow their advice.

My best friend never wanted to drink beer but as we all did so, he started with fresh and now he can have THB.

There is a girl at work who changes her age all the time. It depends on the age of people surrounding her. If we are 25, she is 25. Or if we are 30, she is 30. Well, I’m wondering if she would be10 if we were 10 too.

The idea of those examples is: we are not what we are. We are what the others want us to be. We cannot say NO when we disagree; instead we lie or we give up and accept. We easily accept because we do not want to be different. Have you ever agreed with what your friend said though you did not totally share their opinion? Here is a typical example: look, those green pair of shoes are great, what do you think about them? Here is the usual answer: Oh yes, they are great! (even if you prefer the orange ones lol)