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in the bus

in the bus

So sorry, if it’s only now that I report our outting of December 21st. We, FOKO members had a picnic on that day. We made an appointment at the gate of the stadium of Mahamasina. We were supposed to leave at 9 a.m. but finally it was at 10 a.m. (waiting for late comers).

Did u think about buying Fresh for girls guys?

Did u think about buying Fresh for girls guys?

Stéphane and Ariel carrying the drinks.

dodo zaza ô

dodo zaza ô

Kya brought the breads.

During the trip to Ambohidratrimo, we stopped for a while for shoppings: buying drinks and foods.


As soon as we arrived, we already started to eat and drink. [Tahina ; Koloina]


Lomelle and I knew we would still feel starved, so we left the pasta for laterer.


“Older” bloggers from Serasera shared experience to the new FOKO ones. Here, when I say Older, I do not mean age but life experience on blogging. Ok?

Hey time for pics guyz.


Ariniaina (me), Kya, DagoMC and Lomelle were the only girls at the party.

dsc01006Kya and Moma

I could feel Stéphane a little bit nervous. I guess He worried we wouldn’t have fun though we did. Didn’t we, guyz?

listening to news on the radio

listening to news on the radio

Ariel, Andry and Flagmada

watching funny videos

watching funny videos

playing chess

playing chess

Ariel and Koloina were trying to feel smart playing chess lol [I’m just kidding guys]

dsc01064Nhari and Flagmada

doing karaoke

doing karaoke

Our bus didn’t come to pick us up back to downtown; so we took another one which stopped at Antanimena. We walked to Analakely where we had a lot of FUN FUN FUN.


We all took a pic with dear Santa Claus. It was so cool. And to tell you the truth, it was the frist time I did such a thing. I always found it crazy and stupid. I still think so but it was also a lot of fun.


We made a lot of noise all around Analakely lol lol lol

It was hard to say goodbye because we had too much fun. When is the next outting guys?


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