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April 16th, 2009 at 12.15 pm, thousands of legalist women, in a March, passed by Antaninarenina. The dress code was white. Also, those courageous women, in a long  line of 3km, sung gospel songs while waving the flowers in their hands. While they were passing by Antaninarenina, they hummed “Sambatra aho Jeso ô, manana anao izay Tompon’ny hery…” [Jesus, I am glad to have You, the Power holder…].

Unfortumately, I didn’t have my camera with me and took a long time to decide to take pics with my mobile phone. I was about to miss the March.

While taking pics, a lady told me not to be afraid of them because they do not plan to make a mess around but only protesting against the HAT and claiming the return of Marc Ravalomanana.

Two military trucks were around but did not try to disperse the crowd nor open the fire.

Femme, réveille-toi, c’est le matin;

Ton mari, tes enfants auront bientôt faim.

Femme, es-tu allée chercher de l’eau?

Ne traîne pas, regarde tout ce boulot.

Femme, pendant que bébé dors encore,

Pourquoi tu n’iras pas piler du riz dehors?

Femme, allume le feu, cuis le riz,

Va prendre des brèdes pour midi.

Femme, les assiettes, les marmites sont sales;

Femme, qu’attends-tu pour faire la vaisselle?

Femme, la lessive est-elle terminée?

As-tu déjà rentré les canards, les poulets?

Femme, qu’est-ce qui cuit?

Encore du manioc? mais où est le riz?

Femme, calme ton bébé qui pleure;

Ton mari est fatigué, il dort.

Femme, toi qui as, tous les jours,

Travaillé aussi dur

Pour tes enfants, ton mari;

Femme, repose-toi aujourd’hui.


One day, during ICE Club weekly meeting, we discussed “equality between men and women”. It was amazing to hear the male gender protecting their status and not wanting this claimed equality. They said that we, women, have to admit that power is in men’s hands. And I’m wondering what great things they have realized until now but wars, poverty, insecurity…

So you see how men behave even in a ,if we can say it, “modern minded” country.

I read an article about Ladies from Bangladesh on Rising Voices and I felt amazed, sad and even mad hearing that there are people women in this world who are still fighting hard for their rights. Yes, Bangladeshi women are fighting for their rights for centuries now.

I’m glad they have access to school (the first school for girls had been created in 1849). Now, (starting from 1925) they have the right to vote. But yet, those are not enough. Women in Bangladesh are victims of moral and physical brutality in their every day life. The discrimination and violence against women are mainly due to muslim and hindu religions and beliefs which are still accepted by the Constitution of Bangladesh.

A great thing to know, women in Bangladesh, by the help of Rising Voices and through Narijibon Projects, join the blogosphere and hope  a huge change. A huge change because they can express themselves, they are heard, they are loved…

Nari Jibon Projects has been founded in Dhaka in 2005. This project is to provide alternative skills for poor or/and under-educated women by teaching them Bangla, English, computers… Also, they have joined the citizen media to let the world know about their stories, life,… them.

I invite you to discorver Bangladeshi women’s life, to hear their opinion, to share their experience, to find out their culture, to know their dreams and hope… by loging on

Nari Jibon

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I am personnaly falling in love with these and want to have them.

 A Bangladeshi girl ornamented with Baishakhi adorn

A Bangladeshi girl ornamented with Baishakhi adorn

Designed hands with henna paste

Designed hands with henna paste

Pics from Sristi Kotha ‘s blog

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