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Today is the Blog Action Day, I have already talked about Fetching water at the fountain few months ago. I’d like to share more pics today.

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I heard that in the Southern part of Madagascar, people really suffer from lack of water. This zone is dry. People have to walk for kilometers to find water which is not even clean. Some people had even the idea to market clean water at a very high price.

One of my friend shared a simple method to disinfect water during our English Club meeting. I believe it can be a good idea to share it here today. The method is called SODIS (Solar water disinfection).

I am thankful to everyone who has supported my blog in this contest. I congratulate everyone who took part in the BOMBS’09 and encourage you all to keep up the good work. Big hand for the winners 🙂

Click on the pic to see who are the Best Of Malagasy Blogs for 2009:

Kindly tagged by Lova Rakotomalala, I don’t want to break the chain. So the first three posts?!… Let’s check them 😀 … And… this is what we  have:

  • From Dago at the place of the common Hello World. Not inspired at all . Shame… Joan, coatching the “creating blog workshop” at Tecknet was kind of disappointed. She said we were too slow 😀
  • No old and uggly banknotes anymore … Yesterday, during a radio show entitled “Trano Gasy” on RDB – a local radio broadcast – in which the audience can share news, opinions… a lady called on air and then talked about the poor condition of our Malagasy banknotes which reflects poverty. She is the kind of person who gently ranges the bills in a wallet and then becomes mad when the groccers or the conductors folds them in their pocket. The radio host added that in the coast regions, people won’t accept a dirty or torn note. I smiled cuz this was the main message in this post.
  • “Mampiada-maso” TV aerial … a Made in Madagascar TV aerial… Compared to any other  antennas, I tell you, this one is cheap but and good 🙂

These first three posts was published on September 21, 2008. I have to admit that they were written a while before this date and were published in a local newspaper in a special English page named English Corner produced by ICE Club. I told you I’ve always loved writing 😀

My turn to pass on the baton to other 3 Malagasy bloggers. Moonlightirl, Lay Andriamialy and Stéfane would you tell us about your first three posts please?

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