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Oh my goodness! I have been assaulted by a pickpocket this evening. It was 6.30 p.m. It started to be dark yet the streets were crowded. In Analakely, I stopped by a streetseller to buy some mangoes. While bargaining, someone touched my shoulder, for a second I thought it was someone I know… but suddenly, this person pulled my ears violently. When I turned back, I saw a guy running and disappearing behind a shop. Then I understood that he wanted to rob my golden earings. Thank God, he could not get the earings. That happened so quick and it was so amazing that noone had noticed this act. (Actually, I did not yell)

I had to meet my husband at the bus station, though the way was dark and quiet so I was afraid to go there alone in case the guy was still following me. I then called my husband from a taxi phone to pick me up. People there could hear me telling my misadventure. Then, they said that it was not safe to be around this place in evenings, they have witnessed some other cases of assaults these last days. And I said, how come??? My earings were not even big!!! But the lady said that gold are expensive now and since there are these buyers in Analakely, those pickpockets become more and more dangerous.

Tahina and I wanted to take a pic of those “buyers of gold” all along the sidewalks near Lycée JJ Rabearivelo but we believed that it was not safe so we gave up. If you go by this place you will see cars parking there with the right side doors opened. As you will pass by, you will not miss them asking  wether you have gold to sell with you. I am wondering if the authority may someday react to such situation because this really increase the insecurity in Analakely and surroundings.

By the way, I am thinking of selling my earings to them now to avoid wearing them and being attacked again because next time I may not be luckier. [joke 😛 ]

September 21, 2008, DagoTiako was born. One week before, Joan from FOKO had contacted us, guys from ICE Club. She talked about FOKO project which is to promote citizen media in Madagascar by sensitizing people to create blogs. As you can read on my introduction in “About” page, I’ve always dreamt of becoming a journalist and a photograph. I immediately fell in love with this FOKO project.

September 21,2008, DagoMC, Moonlightgirl, Fara, Moma, Tahina, Andry and I were then invited to join the workshop led by David Sasaki and Joan who showed us the way to create a blog. And today, I am thankful to  Joan, David Sasaki, Lova, Tahina, Andry, and all FOKO.

September 21, 2009. What have I realized???

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The craziest moment was during the crisis on January – February – March 2009. Listening to the radio on my phone to check the news. Going to the rallies, taking pics and recording the speeches of leaders of each team (TGV in the Place du 13  Mai and TIM in Mahamasina and Ambohijatovo). It was so exciting to be among the professional journalits and see what they do and try to copy on them. It was so great to be able to take pics of wellknown politicians. It was so wonderful to talk about the events and to have the “world” following your posts. It was just mad to spend 3 hours a day… late… I mean VERY LATE in a cybercafé just because I felt the need of sharing. But the greatest feeling is that thanks to my blog, I do EXIST now in this world. I just googled my nickname “ariniaina” and… wow… I can’t find the word to express my feeling… kind of proud… but that’s not humble at all 😀 … Like few weeks ago I discovered an article which talks about me and blogging… I have to admit that I felt so happy…

I’ve been interviewed by a journalist from Wall Street journal about twitter and the crisis of Madagascar. I remember, the day of the massacre in Ambohitsirohitra. My husband (well… my fiancé at that time 🙂 ) and I decided to co-work. He went on the “battlefield” and let his phone on so I could hear all the speeches and plans and then tweeted them. It was a great team work… Well, but now that I’m thinking of it, it was just so crazy and risky.

One more crazy thing, I’ve burnt my skin by sitting under the sunshine just to wait for Andry Rajoelina’s speech. I tell you, a whole week it hurted.

One thing that I call success and I’m so proud of is my friend Lay Andriamialy who has become addicted to this blogging 😀 because of me. In fact, everyday, I had nothing to do but talking about blog, blog, my blog, twitter… and on February we wanted to teach someone we love to blog so I’ve chosen this friend. The funny thing is that, now it’s his turn to talk about blog, blog, blog, his blog… lol

DagoTiako has now one year old… too young to die… so I’ll keep on 😉

One Sunday, my family and I wanted to have a little picnic outside Tana. We were not sure of where to go but finally decided to take the National Road #3 wich goes to the North part of Antananarivo and leads to Anjozorobe. We stopped by Talatamaty to buy some “koba” which are really famous  and delicious 😀 . Well, people also stop by for buying sausages but we were not in for them on that day.

A few kilometers from there, we were attracted by a crowd so decided to park the car and join this crowd. Wow, in fact they were watching cockfights.

My sister and I were so happy ‘cuz this made us remember our childhood. My father used to love cockfights. He had two or three roosters that he feeded and trained everyday. It was a real passion. My sister and I used to come with our father every sunday afternoon for “his” cockfights.

I was so impressed. The cockfights still took place on sunday afternoon and wow, even the rules did not change apart from the amount of the placing 😀 .

The first rules are for the cockfighters owners. The organizers choose by toss whose rooster will start the fight and its opponent. After the fight, the winner will get a prize (money).

How to define the winner? The two cocks are put in the middle, the  public stand around in a circle. The cocks start to fight. The one that will run away and give up the fight will loose the game.

Meanwhile, the public do not just watch the fight. They also gamble. They decide between them the amount of the placing and then support the rooster that they believe will win.

Ahhhhhhh, sweet memories! 🙂 I think, I will come back and watch these cockfights again some sunday afternoon just like when I was a kid.

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