Well, at 8.30 p.m., my husband and I switched off our lights, the computer, the TV set (oops, we didn’t unplug the fridge :D). Then, we took the car and went to Analakely. We stopped by the Gare de Soaranao (Train Station at Soarano) which lights were turned off. Nearby, there was the Café de la Gare where customers enjoyed candlelit dinner. Not far from it, no lights at the Town Hall as well but those of the spurt of water 😀 Back home, I looked around, yes, some lights were off, but I guess people inside were all sleeping. Nevertheless, I could notice some lights from some neighbors’ windows. At my place, I played with my camera trying to make some light paintings but I failed 😦

Some of my friends said that they would take part in this Earth Hour. I hope they did so.

I believe that only a few people are aware of this Earth Hour campaign. Well, there were some people who knew about it but were not willing to take part since there are always some black out every day, they said. I heard that other restaurants such as Carlton, Louvre, Palissandre, La Varangue… accepted to switch off their lights and organise candlelit dinners. Unfortunately, I could not pass by and take some pics. The Queen Palace of Manjakamiadana’s lights were also off, I suppose, since they agreed to join the campaign.

Here are a few photos I have taken for the Earth Hour 2011.

Candlelit dinner at Café de la Gare

Gare de Soarano

Town Hall of Tanà

At the neighbors’

My window

This is supposed to represent a candle or a match 😀

And me, in the dark ^^