I have asked a few foreigners I know who have been here in Madagascar 3 things they like here. Here are the answers I have received:

Claire Ulrich:

I like the color of the ground, the “Rouge Madagascar” – “Red Madagascar”, Malagasy chameleons, small and big ones, the straw round hats, and then certain air there, which speaks to me about my childhood, about my father who had discreetly worked for a long time in Malagasy countryside , and of all those people I met , formerly, and recently, by returning there.
Christi Turner:

I love street coffee, and how wonderful a way it is to meet and get to know people, absorb the rhythms of daily life in whatever town you’re in, catch up on news….I love frippery! the endless used clothing markets of Tana made me realize that I actually love shopping, which i hate to do in america — but when it’s this much fun and crazy and surprising and cheap, and recycled too!, how can you not feel great about it?

kanefa indrindra ndreky, zaho tia mikoragna am’teny gasy e!

meaning: but most of all i love speaking Malagasy (and speaking like a northerner!), being made to feel like I’m a real part of the community through sharing in the language, and discovering things about the Malagasy people and culture that I would never imagine understanding without knowing Malagasy.

Lia Naficova:
the wonderful welcomeness of the Malagasy people.I second the frippery!

mofo gasy.


the abundance of the exotic fruits.

the setting down of the sun, either on the mountains, on the rainforest, on the landscape of Tana, or of Morondava

the warmth and the mystery.
there’s definitely no place like it!

and then added

I can go on for days.
Ashley Cee:
friendly people, taxibe, mofogasy 😉
Martina Lippuner:

I don’t only like but love: – the variety of fruits and veggies – the mentality of improvising, help yourself with what you have and make the best of every situation – henakisoa sy ravitoto – te variety of landscape, biodiversity but also cultural differences – the fact that i learnt something interesting every day – chatting with people on the market – good beer 🙂 – zebu steaks – the weather (even now… 😉 )

Well, those were a few more than three, sorry! hard to decide on only three things 🙂

Brett Bruen:

Madagascar has the most unique environment in the world. It has fascinating biodiversity, mix of cultures and natural resources.

I will update this post if I receive more answers. And anyone is welcome to also share the things they like in Madagascar.