For the first time in my life, yesterday, I made blood donation.

I wanted to go hiking with the association ‘Femmes Médecins de Madagascar’ AFMM (Women Doctors of Madagascar). Before the departure, the AFMM organized a blood donation so everyone who was taking part into the hiking plan was invited to do so. Not many people were willing to make it ‘cuz they were worrying about the effort that they would still have to do for the 12 or 13 kilometers of walk and climbing. I would not deny that I was worrying myself but I really wanted to make this blood donation ‘cuz I believe doing so may save a life.

So I registered my name. They checked my weigh (OMG I don’t wanna talk about this 😀 ) and my blood pressure . A doctor had asked a lot of questions about my health if I took medicine the day before, I had flu, I had headache… Result: I was able to make blood donation (not like five other people in the group).

I was the last person ‘cuz it was a lil hard for the doctors to find my vein ( they made two holes in my arm 😦 ). Yesterday, I gave 300 ml of my blood. One of the doctors asked how many people took part into the blood donation. They were kind of happy when they knew that we were fifteen.

A lil comment for everyone else who was afraid of getting too tired ‘cuz of blood donation. There was no need to worry because yesterday I was really okay during the hiking (and kind of proud of myself 😀 )

I will get my card next week so I can be part of those who make blood donation regularly.