My Mom was always ready to help everyone as much as she could. And sometimes I got angry ‘cuz many people were taking too much profit on her kindness. But the story I’m gonna tell you has changed my mind.

My mother owned a school. There was a very poor woman who couldn’t afford to pay the scholarship fees of her daughters. As the two girls were supposed to have their first academic diploma; my mother was too sad not to let them have the chance to do this exam so she tolerated them. Luckily, the two girls passed the exam and got their CEPE (the diploma). The little family came and thanked a lot my mother for her generosity. They also explained that life in the Capital City is not for their good so they would plan to go back to their countryside where at least they can have their own home and land.

My mother kept on helping people by giving them food, a little money, little jobs… But one day, we were the ones who needed help. We were completely broke on that day. It was 11.00 a.m., but we had no money to buy foods for lunch. We started worrying we would miss lunch. My parents went and tried to borrow some money with some friends and relatives but none could help.

Amazingly, two people came. The man was carrying a bag of rice that he offered my mom. The lady said, you were too nice with us letting our kids study when we were so broke. We know these are not enough but here are the crops of our land: some rice, some greens and manioc.

A little late than usual, but my family could have lunch on that day. Who would have ever believed that the poor lady that we used to help would be able to help us someday.

As Moonlightgirl said:

““Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” If you still can do good things to other people; who knows one day you’ll be rewarded for your act of kindness, and generosity.”