This post is maybe Afrigadget-able 🙂 Yes, people from Africa are amazingly resourceful, they can always create new nice items really useful for everyday life with something that others prefer to throw in the trash bins.

Saturday, just in front of my bus stop in Ambodifilao, I saw a man selling bases for pots which I really need for my new home. While coming nearer, I got immediately an idea. Why don’t I blog about this? I asked if the man didn’t mind and he nicely agreed.

Hery was his name. He was making a candlestick when I was talking to him.  Next to Hery, on the ground, laid a cloth where several items were diplayed: candlesticks, bases for pots, bases for irons, coffee strainers.

The raw material is the iron which is used as a embeddings of second-hand-clothes packs. And the  tools: a nipper and creativity. 7 minutes are enough to make a candlestick, 10 to 15 minutes for other items.

After beeing a jobless, he had learnt this job from a friend and practices for three years now. He moves a lot and doesn’t have a permanent place for selling. This day, he has stopped in Ambodifilao because “I felt a little bit tired so I wanted to take a rest. Plus, the streets are kind of crowded over here so, we never know… this may be good for my business“, Hery said.

Enjoy the video 🙂