My husband and I had recently lived in Andoharanofotsy, 12 km in the South of Antananarivo. It’s quite far from our offices where we had to leave home at 6 am and arrived back at around 8  or 8.30 p.m. This didn’t let us have much time to prepare foods cuz we were always too tired. We then were attracted by this little shop selling “Vary amin’anana sy kitoza”. That’s a typically Malagasy food; a mixture of rice and anana (difficult to explain in English if you guys can help 🙂 ) some of my friends call it grass some other green vegetables, dictionnaries online said there’s no translation for brède French – that we eat with smoked beef. Yammeee!

Last Friday, I was on leave and then decided to make a short video about this. Mrs Raharimalala was so enthousiatic about the report. After selling the same thing in Isotry and Ambohimanarina, with her family, they have moved in Andoharanofotsy 20 years ago. Regulars, mainly taxi be drivers and conductors, early in the morning, come and eat there. Taxi brousse drivers and travelers from Antsirabe or Ambatolampy also stop by. Saturday is the busiest day.

The Vary amin’anana sy kitoza is available from 4 a.m to around 9 p.m 24/7.  Guess what? Mrs Raharimalala cooks around 40 kilos of rice and 30 kilos of beef everyday.

Enjoy the video!