Ahaha… On my way to the market this morning, I saw this seller of Fozaorana. We have heard a lot of Fozaorana this year and I took this pic for those who don’t know the real ones.

Fozaorana is a kind of crayfishes which live in ponds and ricefields. They are eating any little insects and grow very fast. Despite the fact that it is not advised to eat them for they may have  microbes, people still sell them cuz they fill the ponds and ricefields and some still buy them cuz they’re cheap.

The Fozaorana became famous these last two years. It became an expression that the Malagasy people use in  their everyday life. The main meaning is combined with these words: numerous, popular, cheap.

– A girl called Fozaorana is an easy girl

– A phone is called Fozaorana when it’s cheap  since the three phone operators here in Madagascar have scrambled to promote mobile phones so everyone can get one (or two 😀 ).

I would not comment on the political meaning but will just report what it is said. The  TGV strikers were called Fozaorana because when you cook these “crayfishes” they become orange – the colour that these strikers were wearing during their rallies.