Repairer of pots

Rakotonanahary is the name of the guy on the pic above. His job is to repair pots, buckets, or any items made with steel or aluminium. And during rainy seasons, he also repairs umbrellas.

He is married and have two children who are both at school. He lives in Alarobia – 3 or 4 kilometers from where I met him. And every day for more than 10 years now, he is leaving home early in the morning,  with his tools, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood – doing sometimes more than 10 kilometers a day – trying to find pots to repair.

On the video below, he is repairing a cup with a hole for 200 Ariary. “If I am lucky, I find 10 customers a day or even more”, Rakotonanahary said “but sometimes, only 4”.

He has learnt this job from his elder brother and they both fixed the tools he is using now by themselves. “Uh…. [smile]… I never thought of doing something else… I’ll keep this job”. This is how he answered when I wanted to know if he liked his job.