I am not good at Basket Ball and I’m not sure I know much about the game, the rules, the techniques and stuff. My friend Tahina who’s found of this game has already talked about this championship and some good Malagasy performers. Though I was there.

I was there watching the Malagasy performers… yelling to death when they scored… missing some mistakes 😀 but I was there like these other Malagasy people queuing at the gate for supporting our team.

Malagasy people are not really used to go out on workdays. And it was quite amazing to see the crowd lining up at the entrance gate of Palais des Sports Mahamasina to watch the game at 6.00 on a Tuesday evening.

queuing at the gate of Palais de Sports Mahamasina

What Diana and I could hear touched our heart. In fact, we were going to follow the match between Senegal and Madagascar. Everyone already knew the performance of this Vice-champion of Africa team. –  and  the winner for this Afrobasket Women 2009.  Everyone already  anticipated our failure. Though the stadium was amazingly full that evening and this dynamic public was there to encourage the Malagasy team, an attitude I feel proud of.