One Sunday, my family and I wanted to have a little picnic outside Tana. We were not sure of where to go but finally decided to take the National Road #3 wich goes to the North part of Antananarivo and leads to Anjozorobe. We stopped by Talatamaty to buy some “koba” which are really famous  and delicious 😀 . Well, people also stop by for buying sausages but we were not in for them on that day.

A few kilometers from there, we were attracted by a crowd so decided to park the car and join this crowd. Wow, in fact they were watching cockfights.

My sister and I were so happy ‘cuz this made us remember our childhood. My father used to love cockfights. He had two or three roosters that he feeded and trained everyday. It was a real passion. My sister and I used to come with our father every sunday afternoon for “his” cockfights.

I was so impressed. The cockfights still took place on sunday afternoon and wow, even the rules did not change apart from the amount of the placing 😀 .

The first rules are for the cockfighters owners. The organizers choose by toss whose rooster will start the fight and its opponent. After the fight, the winner will get a prize (money).

How to define the winner? The two cocks are put in the middle, the  public stand around in a circle. The cocks start to fight. The one that will run away and give up the fight will loose the game.

Meanwhile, the public do not just watch the fight. They also gamble. They decide between them the amount of the placing and then support the rooster that they believe will win.

Ahhhhhhh, sweet memories! 🙂 I think, I will come back and watch these cockfights again some sunday afternoon just like when I was a kid.