Since Andry Rajoelina and the HAT have taken the power, they brought into court the case of “TIKO Group”, the companies of the ousted president Marc Ravalomanana. In fact, this group did not pay their due taxes during the presidency of Ravalomanana. The tribunal has given their verdict; the group has to pay the amount of Ariary 25 billions to the Malagasy state. Since then, all the companies of this group closed.

When we heard from Andry Rajoelina that he would never sell oil to “his” people (Malagasy people), Friday morning, I was a little astonished when I heard the statement of one of his ministers during the morning news on radio. The Minister of Finance and Budget, Benja Razafimahaleo, admited that the Group TIKO played a big role in the economy of the Island. Due to its closure, many people are jobless: not only workers from the companies, but also all the providers of raw materials (milk, … ), transporters… Convinced by the role of the company TIKO, the government of the HAT is offering the following solution. TIKO will get back to work with all their employees, with the same techniques, the same products, but the debt due to the state will be inferred from the result of the company. Then, everyone will profit from this coming back of TIKO.

The minister said that they did not know yet if TIKO would agree with this proposal. Until then, some big new groups took benefit from the crisis by importing the “missing” basic foods – mainly oil and butter. The home-made yoghurts are invading the groceries. And it is amazing to see all those butter sellers in the streets without refrigerator or good condition for preserving food.