My friends and I couldn’t believe it when we saw a message saying “R.I.P MJ, the King of Pop” on Facebook on Thursday, June 26th, 2009. In fact, we were all together that night to celebrate the Malagasy Independence Day.

My brother and I talked about Michael Jackson’s death in a cab and amazingly the cabber asked “but who is that Michael Jackson? “. My brother then said that he was a singer from America. And the cabber wanted to know if MJ was Black or White? My brother and I looked at each other with a little smile but didn’t reply 😀

All MJ’s fans gathered at Gare Soarano:

We heaR.I.P MJrd from news that all fans throughout the world will gather to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. Malagasy MJ’s fans decided then to meet at Gare Soarano on wednesday evening starting from 5.oo p.m., through the initiative of someone that we still don’t know. Some people heard announcement on TV, others got the news from twitter and facebook.

we can't stop loving you MJI was impressed that this event was completely instant. Some came with posters and photos of MJ, some brought candles and a big book of lyrics, a guy was disguised to look like the King of Pop and even danced on the rythm of MJ’s songs played from a friend’s car. You’ll find below the interview of this friend who is a real Big Fan of MJ.

Njato and Hery, fans of MJ brought the posters and photos

Njato and Hery, fans of MJ brought the posters and photos

Ronaldo performing MJ

Fan forever:

Black or White. DangerousLova, not only a Big Fan of Michael Jackson but also a great drawer, will nicely share his sweet thought about his STAR. Enjoy.

+ Why do you like MJ? and what do you like the most in MJ?
I love the energy in his dance and move. What I admire the most is his meticulous way in doing things and his vision. Michael Jackson always see huge and new things that people follow years after.

+ Since when have you liked MJ?
I was a kid during the thriller era and I used to tease my aunts because then she was so in it, I used to say “zordir e” [trash] instead of “just beat it” and she was sooo mad at me… but then in 1987, Bad album was released, and then was my turn to be hooked.

+ How did you behave when you heard all the story with the kids?
I just said “Well, MJ was an easy target, but look at the end he’s gonna be acquitted.” It’s sad people doubt him, and it’s so unjust when you see media & als could make lots of money out of it. Showbiz is showbiz, what a pity.

+ As a fan, what are your limits?
No plastic surgery for me, I love his  move, the poet in he was and his appreciation ofOver me beauty.

+How can you define the music of MJ?
“Perfect and revolutionary”

+ The MJ’s songs/album you like the most? Why?
Well, Man in the mirror IS the song I can say I like the most… it talks about “change of self, helping people…”. And it’s so special for me because thanks to that song, English language is now in me. Before, I didn’t know the meaning of the song, and I just loved the melody, but I did everything to make it possible for me to understand it, I asked my parents to buy me a dictionary, and I picked all words in the lyrics one by one, and I translated them… and starting from that, my English is born 😀 The song offered me an opportunity to speak English, it’s a self change.

+ How did you feel when you heard about MJ’s death?
I was soooo stunned, I didn’t believe it. Once I heard about it from a friend, who sent his sympathy with a short message around 6am, I didn’t care wether it was a joke or not, my very first reflex was to grab my remote controls and I browsed all news channels to look for further infos…

+ Do you agree with his nickname King of pop?
Definitely, he is the KING OF POP.

MJ - Lova - Roxy

MJ - Lova - Roxy

+ During your MJ’s interpretations, share the best experience.
First of all, I’d say, I was the only Malagasy fan that performed his dance on our national tv station in “Avoria” tv show in 1989. And after that I was asked to perform it everywhere : roxy, antsahamanitra, ccesca, falda, and even in the suburb areas… but the very first was during my father’s stage anniversary with my little sister (then, we pretend to be Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson). I was amazed and a little bit proud of myself when people came at me for a signature after any show… You know I felt like I was my star …LOL…

My best experience was the opening of our wedding ball, my wife and I tried to interpret our stars, hers “Aaliyah” and mine was “Michael Jackson”.

+Any message for all MJ lovers?
Our MJ will always be remembered. But please, keep all good things he did and ignore all tabloid junkies. May he rest in peace.