To start with, English speaking countries and French ones don’t celebrate Mother’s day on the same day. This year, Francophone countries, like Madagascar, celebrates it on Sunday June 7th.

This Mother’s day is the sadest in my life cuz it’s the first one I don’t have my lovely Mom beside me and I especially miss her so much. If she was there, I am sure that the 3 of us would make a great surprise for her aswe used to but she’s not here.

No more tears. Mom taught us to be always happy and strong whatever may happen in our life.

I was with friends hanging out downtown this saturday and it was really hard to cross the wall of people who were trying to find the best gift for their mothers.The sidewalks were completely crowded of sellers and, of course, Mother’s gifts buyers 😀 .When everyone turned their eyes on what the people we met had bought (flowers, paintings, bags, sandals, sweaters, …), I was attracted by another business, afterall all festivities turn around business and marketing nowadays (Valentine’s day, Christmas, and stuff). There were a lot of people who got this idea: wrapping gift. They knew that a lot of customers will need such service after choosing a gift. They were ready with some boxes already nicely wrapped with different colors and sizes. And this part time job got success. The time I took the pics, it was already 7.00 p.m.

Wrapping gifts

Here you are :)