Wednesday, May,27 2009, 4.00 a.m., the alarm clock rings. Amazingly, I could wake up right away. Because the alarm clock was not for my work, it was for a trip to Antsirabe 😀 .

4.30 a.m., the cab is already waiting for Andry and I. Yeah, a start of adventure.

4.47 a.m., the cab driver told us that instead of going to the “Taxi-Brousse” station at Fasan’ny Karana, it is better to take it in Anosy.  It sounded great so we stopped at the roundabout of Anosy. A guy came to us and  asked if we wanted to go to Antsirabe. We said yes, and then followed the guy. After a bargain, we got the seats next to the driver.

5.00 a.m., the van was not full yet but the driver was ready to leave when the conductor noticed cops. The driver tried to hide the van behind 2 big trucks. Then, Andry and I understood. This van had broken the rule of its “cooperative” (association/ union of  transporters) [It is mandatory to be part of a cooperative]. The driver went out to check if the way is clear. Meanwhile, the conductor explained to us, passengers, that they are doing so to avoid to pay too much money to the “cooperative”. He explained that they almost gain nothing because the main part goes directly to the responsibles of the “cooperative”. He even said, that it is sad that he and the driver cannot afford to buy a new van with the money they can get though, the people at the “cooperative” can buy 1 or 2 vans. Franckly speaking, I sympathize with the driver and the conductor.

The passengers all agreed with this sytem. Regular passengers said that taking the bus in Anosy is safer and faster than at the station in Fasan’ny Karana. When the first van in Anosy leaves at 5.00a.m., in Fasan’ny Karana it will be at 6.00 a.m. and only if all the seats are taken.

While waiting for the driver to come back, another man arrived with 3 more passengers and 2 others a few minutes later.  Wow, the team work impressed me a lot.

5.15 a.m., the real trip starts 😀