Let me remind you a little story which had happened on December 2008. The ministry of telecommunication closed Andry Rajoelina’s station: VIVA TV. The reason of this decision  was because this station had broadcasted a 45 minutes video in which Didier Ratsiraka, former president of Madagascar, called Malagasy people for a coup.

Reaction: Andry Rajoelina called people of Antananarivo for a strike to get Viva TV back. At that time, Andry Rajoelina got thousands of followers who wanted to fight for his cause: freedom of speech, freedom of sharing news and information. Since the TGV leaders kept on adding their requests to end with a coup, many of his followers have changed their mind. Well, this is not what I will talk about in this article.

What I want to stress on is the problem that journalists and bloggers are facing now that Andry Rajoelina gots the “power”. Yes, all media corps, especially those who are not pro TGV, live through frights.

Some of blogger friends were “invited” by armed militaries… I meant, they were forced to delete all pics they have taken.

thierry_ratsiz had been questionned by the force army if the pics would be shared on internet, things that they do not want. After negociation, thierry-ratsiz could keep his camera after having deleted all the compromising pics.

r1lita twittered that Pakysse had lived the same situation.

Avylavitra witnessed more serious fright and wrote:

Miala any ny mpanaogazety, Tsy mila mpanao gazety eto. Miala sao tifiriko eo an.

Here come journalists. We don’t need them here. Go or I shoot.

We were all astonished when no MIDI Madagasikara newspaper were published on March 12th and MaTV did not transmit for hours on the same day. In fact, a group of people  frightened to burn this media company. We have to admit that they were doing great job covering the crisis and trying to tell how things really happened. We can understand why the TGV do not like them.

Andry and I were trying to report on the TGV movement at 13 Mai at that time, and Sareraka said: “All journalists can join unless they disagree with our cause or support a specific person”.

So, where is the so called freedom of speech?