Banniers in English were seen at Ambohijatovo

photo-035Pics from The Cyber Observer

March 28, the pro Ravalomanana were 15,000 to 20,000 to rally at Ambohijatovo Democracy Square. Right after the rally, on their way home, the crowd planned to pass by Analakely but the militaries started to fire. At the beginning they shot into the air and fired tear gas. Then, those militaries fired on the protesters.

I was unfortunately not in Ambohijatovo to see what really happened so I watched the news on local TV to know more about it but it seems like the media cannot stop changing the reality. There were a lot of divergence about the information.

When the TV plus announced that there were 22 injured from Analakely, MaTV said more than 30. @dadandry went to HJRA and confirmed that 34 wounded people were registered at this hospital.

TV plus announced that they were clashes between TGV supporters and pro Ravalomanana so the militaries had to open the fire to disperse the crowd. Though Le did not mention those clashes.

I really needed to understand that detail, I meant that big difference, so I asked a blogger friend who witnessed the event to tell what really happened. Andry said that, after the rally in Ambohijatovo, the 20,000 pro Ravalomanana wanted to go down to Analakely, like they used to do before going home.

photo-161Pic from The Cyber Observer

Pic of Avylavitra

The first line arrived in front of the restaurant Planète when the militaries started to fire into the air then exploded tear gas. Suddenly, those militaries shot on the crowd. “I could see people laying down on the ground full of blood”, Andry said “but the most sad thing I’ve seen yesterday was, a little girl who cried because she could not find her mother”.

photo-157Pic from The Cyber Observer

I will tell you a personnal opinion on this, Andry Rajoelina does not want the crowd from Ambohijatovo go to the Place du 13 Mai because people will discover that these pro Ravalomanana  are 3 or 4 times more numerous than the TGV protesters of few weeks ago.

Another personnal opinion, the militaries were told to fire on the crowd so these Ravalomanana followers will be afraid to come back to the general strike planned for next Monday.

Still a personnal opinion, Andry Rajoelina was (one more time) mistaken because now the whole world can see and understand his “real democracy”:  getting the power through violences and frights, then letting criminals go freely out of jail, and now shooting on people because they are against his coup, …