Monday, I passed by Rarihasina at Analakely and was attracted by this parasol where portraits were hanged up. I decided to come nearer to see the beauty of the works and I could not restrain myself to talk to the responsible.


His name is Mahery and he is a portrait painter.

Mahery told that when he was only a child, his relatives were already convinced that he was exceptionally good at drawing.

In 2002, Mahery decided to sign up for some training at the Cercle Germano-Malagasy ( German Cultural Center) to improve his know-how.

Mahery’s first customers met him in an art gallery, Gasik’Art Creation at Ambondrona. Since December 2008, Mahery has decided to go nearer the public and after several tries, now he has chosen to stay in front of Rarihasina at Analakely from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

From 2002 to 2008, Mahery made different paintings from landscapes to portraits. For he has discovered that malagasy people were more interested in portraits, Mahery then prefers to deal only with this.

There are two kinds of portraits:

– For the “portrait minutes“, the person sits to be the model. This portrait can be realized within 30 minutes. A 24X32 cm of portrait costs 12,000 Ariary.


– Mahery can also make a copy of a picture. This one is more expensive with a minimum price of 40,000 Ariary for this kind of portrait can take 24 hours to realize.

Mahery has already make portraits of famous Malagasy singers and actors such as Rolf, Honorat (of Fohy Hehy), Aina Quach, Kaliba…

The tool that Mahery mostly use is pastel but can use pencils or paints as well.

Mahery confided that portrait painting is enough to make him live. He said that Malagasy people are more and more interested in arts and in portrait paintings; nevertheless, they are not yet conscious of the real value of an art and most of the time find it expensive. “We, artists, would dream of a special place devoted for us to work and to exhibit our arts”, added Mahery.


Mahery believes that being gifted is not enough, he would like to go abroad to get more knowledge about this domain. While waiting for this chance, he is sharing his skill to youngsters from 14 to 20.

To contact Mahery, you can join him directly in front of Rarihasina at Analakely or call him through the numbers (+261) 033 08 026 80 or (+261) 032 40 820 33 or email him at maherjer@yahoo.fr