Sunday night , a friend informed me through sms that the President Marc Ravalomanana has called for a general strike starting from Monday. This news was heard on Radio MADA International which has transmitted on short wave 5895KHz since saturday and latest news, can also be caught on FM100.6.


Monday, they were more than 5,000 people to answer the call of their beloved President… more… Father Marc Ravalomanana.

We want noone else but our dear Father

We want noone else but our dear Father

The Democracy sqare was full of crowd who do not accept the transitional government which they qualified as coup. The main protests we could here were:

– Why didn’t Andry Rajoelina wait for elections? Real democracy is respecting the choice of electors who have given Ravalomanana five years of presidency.

No to Coup d'Etat

No to Coup d'Etat

– Andry Rajoelina seized the power by arms and force, but we do not give up, we did not “loose”, we keep on fighting for the “real” democracy.

For that, these pro Ravalomanana are ready for a daily rally at the park of Ambohijatovo.

Monday, some militaries in a 4×4 tried to intimidate these Andry Rajoelina’s opponents by firing a tear-gas. The crowd replied with a big and massive “oooooh… oooooh” to show that they were not afraid at all.

Like on saturday, after the rally, the crowd went all down to Analakely.