Wednesday was a day full of different feelings for the Malagasy people (and maybe other people from all over the world).

Pro Ravalomanana were crying or got angry because they are against this TGV protest and are not willing Andry Rajoelina to get the power. Pro Ravalomanana all believe that this ex DJ of 34 years old will not be able to brighten the future of the Island. Because since the beginning of this TGV protest, frights, violences and robberies have increased a lot in the whole country.

Pro TGV are proudly happy because their “fight” finally won. They now start to dream of a 10,000 FMG the liter of oil and 3,500 FMG the kilo of rice. Civil servants will finally not start work at 9.00 a.m but can come if they want to and leave any time they will decide to (because this is what they always called dictatorship during Ravalomanana’s presidency). And they never know, maybe they will become rich as they all expected when taking part to the “orange revolution”.

The world is just amazed. Many still cannot understand what really have happened in Madagascar.