My colleagues and I could not believe when we heard on Antsiva radio that Ravalomanana has resigned. Laterer, Radio Fahazavana explained that this is just a rumour so the President Marc Ravalomanana does not plan to resign nor to quit Iavoloha (nor Madagascar).

Though few minutes later, still on Radio Fahazavana, the President Marc Ravalomanana made a communiqué in which he announced that the government of Charles Rabemananjara broke and, “This is a tough decision”, he said, but he hands the power to military.

The military administration will be lead by the most senior military officer who is navy admiral Hyppolite Ramaroson.

Four generals, who were supposed to lead the military administration, wanted to organize a press conference in Antanimena. Since, Andry Rajoelina and TGV leaders disagreed this President Ravalomanana’s decision, mutineer militaries have arrested the four Generals.

A pastor, Rasendrahasina, has also been arrested by those TGV militaries.

Tuesday evening, I heard from friends and through tweets that the Palace of Iavoloha had been attacked by the “TGV” militaries. A big dark smoke was seen from the President Palace. The President Marc Ravalomanana has already moved from Iavoloha a few hours before but noone is sure of where he can be.

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