Tuesday, we understand why the militaries following TGV have attacked and taken the palace of Ambohitsirohitra the day before.

Tuesday, early in the morning, the militaries were still in Ambohitsirohitra and Antaninarenina. All people (piedestrians and cars) passing by had to explain where they were going.

At noon, we noticed religious women (all in white) praying in the surrounding of the Palace of Ambohitsirohitra (and I guess inside as well) in order to “cast out devils”. And amazingly, those religious have discovered “ody and sampy” (amulets) in the palace. Frankly speeking, I believe that the TGV team have put those items there in order to tarnish Ravalomanana’s reputation.

At 2.00 p.m., all TGV protesters from Place du 13 Mai went up to Antaninarenina to put officially Andry Ranjoelina, the High Authority of Transition, in his presidential offices.