At 07.oo p.m., I was chating with a friend when he suddenly asked me if I have heard bangs of grenades or cannon, he was not sure. I said “nope”. Then, he kept on: ” I heard two bangs from Anosy or I don’t know but on this side”.

I could not believe him and wanted to make sure he was not kidding me, then, I heard on Radio MADA that the Central Bank of Madagascar in Antaninarenina has been attacked by militaries of TGV. At this moment, I could understand that the gunfires that my friend had heard were from Antaninarenina.

I quickly twittered this. All twitterers were already aware of the news. Well, the attack of the Central Bank was not confirmed but one thing is sure, the mutineer militaries have invaded Antaninarenina. Pakysse who was in the surrounding area of Antaninarenina at the moment of the attack informed me that “Militaries are all around and there are 5 tanks“.

This is what really happened. The mutineer militaries, the CAPSAT, were penetrating the Palace of Ambohitsirohitra. The President Marc Ravalomanana is now taking refuge at the Palace of Iavoloha and was not in Ambohitsirohitra at the moment of the attack.

On thursday night, the CAPSAT have driven the tanks of Arivonimamo to the Capital City. Rumours said that the TGV are planning to attack the Palace of Iavoloha. This explains why, starting from friday night, there are around 3,000 of pro Ravalomanana who are gathering in Iavoloha wanting to protect the President’s life.

Monday evening, on a local TV, the chief of CEMGAM, André Ndriarijaona, made an announcement ordering all civilians staying around the Palace in Iavoloha to leave because they, the militaries with TGV, are going to “clean the road” to Iavoloha. (Was he telling that they are going to attack the President’s Palace? From now, we are not sure of anything).