Madagascar is now deeply lost in a political crisis which has created social and economical disturbance, a real kaos for the Island.

Democracy, legacy, legitimacy are words that we Malagasy people have heard a lot these last weeks of crisis.

Now, I have in mind the definition of democracy taught in school: Power of the people, from the people and for the people.

We are all aware that there are two main protagonists now in Madagascar who are “fighting” for the Power, both wanting to get the government of the Island. And amazingly, both sides are using this famous word “democracy” to defend their cause.

Democracy and Andry Rajoelina

Let us start with Andry Rajoelina’s protests. This TGV leader claim for democracy and says that the presidency of Ravalomanana is full of dictatorship.

I guess, we can remember that the beginning of this protest was because of VIVA TV which had not been allowed to transmit. Democracy means here freedom of speech and freedom of sharing information (even if we, Malagasy listeners would admit that what VIVA has broadcated these last weeks were full of provocations and “esoeso”).

Andry Rajoelina and followers always shouted on the Place du 13 Mai that Madagascar is a democratic country where people got the power, give the power and take it back.

For this team, democracy can allow them go and attack or take private and public properties ( MBS, Palace of Ambohitsirohitra, Priminister’s office of Mahazoarivo, ministries, Guy Rivo’ house…).

Was it democracy when the Ministry of National Defense was frightened and detained until he wrote and read his resignation letter?

Democracy and Marc Ravalomanana

Despite the request and the ultimatum of Andry Rajoelina and Cies, Marc Ravalomanana will not give up nor resign. “I am the President and I have been elected by the Malagasy people”. The fact that Marc Ravalomanana was voted by the majority of electors show that he has got this position through Democracy.

For this side, the rally at the Place du 13 Mai is just a street movement full of threats and violences.

The rally organized by TIM at Mahamasina was an image of Democracy because this team wanted to show to the world that they still got the majority of the population supporting the President. The organizers called people who support real Democracy, legality and peace to attend those meetings at Mahamasina.

Sunday, the President Marc Ravalomanana agreed to organize a referendum in order to know if really the majority of the Malagasy people are for TGV protest or not. This is democracy.

Behind Democracy

Behind democracy, Malagasy politicians use religion to win the crowd’s heart. Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina both pretend to be the real believer and convince “their” people that God listens to their prayers. As we talk about democracy, this is their right.