Saturday, TGV protesters made a rally at the Place du 13 Mai. After 15 days of hiding, Andry Rajoelina reappeared to his followers where he proclaimed that “the fight must win and it is simply a question of hours” (4 hours).

After the mutiny of the militaries last week; saturday, by surprise, Jacques Sylla joined the Place du 13 Mai and asked the President Marc Ravalomanana to resign.

Jacques Sylla is a former Priminister of Marc Ravalomanana and was his representative during the latest meetings organized by local and international mediators to get out of this crisis.

Saturday, Monja Roindefo lodged a request before the High Constitutionnal Court to ascertain the forfeiture of the President Marc Ravalomanana and proposed a solution to end the crisis which is the establishment of the Transition.

At 3.30p.m, Monja Roindefo, at the Palace of Mahazoarivo, made a communiqué to journalists stating that the presidency of Ravalomanana was over.

Since the National TV and Radio MADA do not transmit, we do not hear from the President Marc Ravalomanana.

Nevertheless, read through this link a communiqué from the government: