On Friday, Andry Rajoelina talked about an understood long march to where the President is that we all could guess would be Iavoloha.

Finally, on saturday TGV protesters meeting at the Place du 13 Mai, Andry Rajoelina announced that he would meet the president that day. Andry Rajoelina who always said that no negotiation is possible for it is too late or it would not lead to the Transitional Government, had to explain to his followers that this meeting with Marc Ravalomanana is a symbol of victory for the TGV supporters. Andry Rajoelina explained that he was not afraid to personnaly meet Marc Ravalomanana because he would bring “on table” what the crowd of 13 Mai have claimed for.

In fact, Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina met in a neutral place – Falda in Antanimena – which has been choosen and initiated by the FFKM (association of 4 churches: Protestant, Catholic, Lutherian and Anglican). No journalists were allowed to attend this meeting.

After one hour of negotiation, this is the communiqué from the FFKM which announced the deals between Marc Racalomanana and Andry Rajoelina:

– Stop provocative statements through medias;

– Stop spreading untrue information and news;

– Stop attacks and roberries of private or public properties;

– Stop meetings on the streets;

– Stop arrestations related to political nature.

The meetings at the Place du 13 Mai have been then canceled.

The meeting of Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina on Saturday was just a start. Other meetings are planned. And the next one will be on Monday or Tuesday announced Andry Rajoelina on VIVA TV.

On Saturday, a worship service took place at the gymnasium of  Mahamasina open to all christian people who really wanted to pray together for the country. This worship service was announced on Radio Mada so we could guess that it was initiated by the pro Ravalomanana. Though this worship service invited all chistian people and accepted any political involvment.