Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the TGV protesters tried to take the ministries in Antananarivo but the crowd were afraid to cross the barrier formed by the force army. So the attempt was unsuccessful.

Thursday, the TGV leaders changed the tactic. Instead of making a march together to Anosy where some ministries are, the protesters were told to take different ways to surprise the force army. Still on thursday, Andry Rajoelina has threatened the force army that their wives would be at the first line of the crowd if they would really dare to shoot on the people.

Thursday, 4 ministries have been proudly announced by the TGV leaders were taken: Ministry of Education – Ministry of Interior – Ministry of Homeland Security – Ministry of decentralization.

Early on Friday morning, bad news for the TGV protesters. The news on RNM (the national radio) announced that, the night before, militaries came to those ministers and arrested the TGV agents who stayed there to keep the ministries. Those arrested people are kept at the Gendarmerie of Betongolo.

Friday, angry or disapointed (I do not know), Andry Rajoelina, during the meeting at the Place du 13 Mai announced that the protesters will go to Iavoloha on saturday to keep on their “fight”.

You should know that the Palace of Iavoloha is now where the President Marc Ravalomanana stays.

What may happen again on Saturday? I sincerely fear the worst.

Everyone should be now aware of red zones. If the presidential guards will have to open the fire, who would be the real guilty? (It seems like I have already heard this question)