All the current President Marc Ravalomanana followers are invited to meet tomorrow at Mahamasina starting from 11.00 a.m.

The pro Ravalomanana believe that it is now high time for them to show that people are not all against the current gov or are not all following Andry TGV.

Radio MADA is incitating people who are for peace, for justice, for development to join this big meeting. Those who still believe that President Ravalomanana is still capable of realizing great things for the Island will be welcome tomorrow.

On the other side, Andry Rajoelina tried to convince his followers that within a real democracy the pro Ravalomanana are allowed to do this planned meeting. Nevertheless, Andry RAjoelina  promised his followers not to worry about it because he is sure that only a few people will attend this meeting. For the pro TGV, the strikers will take a rest tomorrow. “Tomorrow, nobody will go out from home. The workers will not work and students will not go to school,” said Andry Rajoelina.

… to be followed