Yesterday, the President Marc Ravalomanana took a decision which might have surprised a lot of people. This decision concerned MBS and RNM and TVM stations. In fact, the President Marc Ravalomanana offered all the materials of MBS radio and TV stations  to RNM and TVM stations.

Let me remind you what happened on Monday, January 26th, 2009. There was a riot in Anosy which brought to the destruction of RNM and TVM stations. This was so sad because whole history of Madagascar was stored in this station.

For few days, there was no news interaction between Antananarivo and all the provinces. A quick reaction from the President, he asked for a help – financial and material help – so the National Radio and TV could transmit again 3 days after the riot. Though, the transmition was not good.

In order to get the RNM and TVM totally back, the President Marc Ravalomanana announced publicly that MBS radio and TV stations are over, he will give all the materials to the National Radio and TV. “Omeko amin’ny foko manontolo ny stations MBS rehetra ho an’ny TVM sy RNM” I give all MBS stations with all my heart to TVM and RNM. The ministry of Telecommunication will be in charge of the organization of this project.

For those who do not know, MBS radio and TV stations are… or should I say… were Ravalomanana’s. Its station in Antananarivo has also been subjected of attacks in the riots of the so called “Black Monday”.

The President Marc Ravalomanana promised then that RNM and TVM stations will be able to transmit again throughout Madagascar very soon.